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Contact ISFIS or WoodRiver Energy to learn more. We will ask for data and prepare a quote and personalized Participation Agreement. 

  • Reach out to let us know you are interested in learning more.
  • If you haven’t worked with WoodRiver Energy previously, we’ll need to obtain historical usage information on your natural gas meters. 
  • We’ll then prepare a quote and a personalized Participation Agreement and the other documents for board approval.

Districts must join the Iowa Local Government Risk Pool Commission 28E entity (this only needs to be approved the first year)

Districts can then participate in the Education Energy Program (no auto-renewals, this will need to be approved for each school year)

  • Personalized Participation Agreement (present the personalized agreement for your board's approval)

Other Resources to Share

Return signed documents to ISFIS

More resources to help explain Iowa LGRP and the Education Energy Group Program to your board and leadership team can be found on the Education Energy Group webpage



For quotes and general information:

If you have questions regarding documents requiring board approval, school finance issues, using the management fund, implications to your audit or certified budget, contact ISFIS:

If you have questions about your natural gas meters, historic usage or pricing, material changes anticipated to your meter, enrolling or removing meters, etc., contact Wood River Energy:

Not sure who to contact, use our Contact Us form.