About Iowa LGRP


The Iowa Local Government Risk Pool Commission (Iowa LGRP) is organized under Iowa Code Chapter 28E, founded in the fall of 2019 by three originating K-12 public school districts in an effort to provide greater stability to school district budgets by pooling risks.  Iowa LGRP is serviced by WoodRiver Energy & ISFIS, with decades of combined energy service experience working with Iowa schools and local governments.

A local government risk pool is a term used when governmental entities (such as cities, counties, or school districts) join together in a group to collectively reduce costs, increase their buying power, or reduce risks.  A local government risk pool can be made between multiple school districts, between a school district and a city, or between various combinations and numbers of local governmental entities.  The term local government risk pool is used and referenced in federal and state legislative code.  There are many examples of local government risk pools which involve Iowa school districts, such as cash management programs, health insurance pools, and many more. 

Currently, Iowa LGRP offers only one program, called the Education Energy Group Program, a natural gas risk management program for Iowa public school districts.  Iowa LGRP does not intend to create any other programs or invite governmental entities other than Iowa public school districts into the organization at this point in time, though the 28E Agreement authorizes it to do so. The Board of Directors would have the authority to expand programs in the future. 


Our Board

Southeast Valley School District

Brian Johnson, Chairman

Southeast Valley School District
1111 Beek Street
Gowrie, IA  50542

(515) 352-3173

Darwin Lehmann

Darwin Lehmann, Vice-Chair

Forest City CSD
145 S Clark St
Forest City IA  50436

(641) 585-2323


Travis Fleshner, Secretary/Treasurer

Aplington-Parkersburg CSD
610 N Johnson Street
Parkersburg, IA  50665

(319) 346-1571

Our Vendor & Staff Partners

Athena Simpson

WoodRiver Energy

Athena Simpson, WoodRiver Energy
Regional Sales Manager - Montezuma IA
(641) 990-3778

Don Krattenmaker

WoodRiver Energy

Don Krattenmaker, Partner
WoodRiver Energy
633 17th Street, Suite 1410, Denver, CO, 80202
(888) 510-9315

Larry Sigel


Larry Sigel, Partner
ISFIS, 1201 63rd Street, Des Moines, IA, 50311
(515) 251-5970 x3

Jen Albers


Jen Albers, Director of Finance & Operations
ISFIS, 1201 63rd Street, Des Moines, IA, 50311
(515) 251-5970 x4

Jon Muller


Jon Muller
ISFIS, 1201 63rd Street, Des Moines, IA, 50311
(515) 251-5970 x7


Iowa LGRP's fixed annual premium for participation is one less thing I have to worry about.
Superintendents have more important issues to focus on than paying attention to natural
gas prices and how the variability will affect our district's budget.

-Darwin Lehmann, Superintendent, Forest City CSD & Central Springs CSD
Forest City CSD & Central Springs CSD
When natural gas prices skyrocketed in February 2021, our budget was protected with Iowa LGRP.
Not only did we not see the large invoices many other districts received from their providers,
but we received a premium refund for the year.

Russ Reiter, Former Superintendent, Independence CSD
Russ Reiter
Independence CSD
The Iowa LGRP is a tool our district uses to help mitigate the natural gas price volatility
we used to see in our General Fund.

Brian Johnson, Superintendent, Southeast Valley School District
Brian Johnson

Our Providers